I have never used midi to record before. I know, I can’t believe I am admitting this on here.

I have purchased a decent midi controller and a Roland Sound Module and am now burning with desire to get into midi music creating, to go alongside straightforward audio recording.

So, are there any guides available that take you through all the necessary steps in an easy to understand manner???

Thanks in advance guys.

while i am not completely new to midi, i am in a similar situation… but without a sound module, i only use my pc… so i’m bumping this up in hopes that we’ll get some responses…


I also use my computer as a midi device with live and reason
you can get all kinds free vsts … google search free+vst
any parameter you have in a program can be assigned to a midi controller what else do you need to know dont know if I can help but I know a little

Yes, there are plenty of guides…

Go to Amazon.com and type MIDI in the search bar. Lots of good basic books there.

(You could also go to your local Borders or Barnes&Noble and look in the music section or ask them to order some of the above books in so that you can browse them before buying…)

MIDI is a complex subject and it wouldn’t kill 'ya to have some good old-fashioned BOOKS in your library for reference…