Midi Live Monitoring not working


I’m using n-Tracks 9 on Windows 10. I use ‘Noteworthy Composer (NWC)’ as my sequencer and loopMidi to connect it to n-Tracks. I add an instrument track, with the input set to LoopMidi, any n-tracks instrument selected and my sound card as the output (ASIO: Yamaha Steinberg UR-RT2). Audio can not be heard when I play a sequence of notes in NWC. The Midi channel mixer VU meters, in n-Tracks, show that n-tracks is receiving the notes. Clicking the Live button doesn’t change anything.

If I click the record button, then start the NWC sequence, n-tracks records the midi notes and I can hear them when I play it back - but not while it’s recording.

Any idea how I can get live monitoring working?


Nevermind…when all else fails: ‘read the user manual’

The Input to output echo was turned off…

Thanks anyway…