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It's always a trade-off with these things Bax... or it seems so to me. PowerTracks Pro is a GREAT MIDI tool but I HATE the audio handling/editing capabilities. n-Track, Reaper etc... handle audio very gracefully but MIDI is usually not as graceful. So I keep more than one tool in the box.

The Roland Virtual Sound Canvas should work well in n-Track. The DXi version is usually much better than the VST version. The VST version introduces too much latency for my liking. The DXi as much quicker. They sound identical, so I use the DXi version in PTPro, Reaper etc and it works well. I can't remember, but I think I used the Roland DXi with n-Track a long time ago and it was fine.

MIDI? You just need to grok about with it. You'll get the hang of it.



I have that DXi thing show up (must have been from cakewalk) but I don't think I have the right VST like I do with the sf2's, I have DXi's option that show up, like dahornet and some things I may have gotten from Reason but they are more FX like warping, echo and such no actually "player" to play samples with.

In my case the VST is not so bad since I am only using it to do single midi tracks at a time to make them wav. files, except for the case of drums that are on various tracks, which is no bid deal because they all can be sent through the same VST to play from the same sf2 folder at the same time.

If DXi's use less latency tho, it would be good to have one that will play a sf2 file.....surfs up! time to google.....

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Check your MIDI settings in N and make sure “Filter volume and pan events” is enabled. This will prevent any events in the MIDI file from overriding N’s mixer.

Thanx for the tip.

There are so many settings…I am often afraid to change any of them in the event I won’t remember how to change it back! :)

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Found yet another shortcoming of the midi drum in the GNX4.

I have midi drum tracks that go from 89BPM to 93BPM, in other words they fluctuate during the song makes it sound more natural, like a live performance.

Anywho, the device has a BPM setting for midi that nullifies the preset fluctuations embedded into the midi files… :disagree:

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