midi problem in 4.1

no midi from side bar in piano roll

my setup:

emu 0404
midi out to a zoom drum machine
ntrack latest build 4.1.x

ok heres the problem, i can create a midi track of anything i want and play it back and it sounds fine, the drum machine gets the midi events from ntrack perfectly. there is one thing though, when im in the piano roll editing a midi track and i want to test a note i cant just click on the note on the left hand side and see what it sounds like. i have to actually add the note to the song and then playback to song for the midi event to go to my drum machine. do i have something set up in the midi properties wrong? i know midi events should be sent when i click the buttons for the different notes (like on the virtual piano on the left of the paino roll). i cant seem to figure out whats wrong. any suggestions?

I believe if you activate the “Live” button you can play the notes by clicking the names at the left of the piano roll.

tried it, it didnt work, any other suggestions?

Have you tried the button in the Piano Roll that looks like a little speaker (next to the wrench)? The popup text when you put your cursor over it says “Play note when clicking with the mouse”. That has to be pressed in for things to work as you described…


i am a retard… thank you…