MIDI question

MIDI track won’t stop playing

i think i have seen something about this before around here…
i have recorded 2 MIDI tracks as a bed for a mixed down wave track. when i play them all back together and try to edit the MIDI track with the piano roll, i stop the playback, do my editing, continue the playback…then when i stop the playback to edit the MIDI track a second time the sound just keeps on sounding. scrolling stops but the sound just keeps on going…and wont stop until i exit ntrack.
someone have the fix? i would appreciate the help.
i use ver 3.3 which i just installed. i suspect some of the default settings (buffers?) might be the problem?

thanx for the help AGAIN…


If I understand correctly, what you describe is “hung” midi notes. That sometimes happens if the midi playback is interrupted after the “note on” command but before the “note off” command.
Just press the key and all midi output will be silenced (equivalent to giving a global “note off” command)


That was a bug in 3.3 and has since been fixed in 4.x since build 1751.

thanx guys…i will try the escape key
bubba … that bug was never fixed in 3.3 ?
just curious…

There’s also the panic button (with a red exclamation mark), which has been in most versions of n-Track I think.


that bug was never fixed in 3.3 ?

I don’t think it was so much a bug that wasn’t fix as it was that n-Tracks didn’t send out enough MIDI events to kill all playing MIDI notes for all the synths out there. Synths respond to NOTE OFF and ALL NOTES ALL and some other events differently.

The only way to make sure all notes stop playing is to send a note off for every playing note. Most synths will stop all playing notes of a given value with a single note off of that value - some don’t (per MIDI channel of course). Some synths will actually stop all playing notes with a single ALL NOTES OFF event (per channel).

I don’t remember what n-Track 3.3 did by default, but it wasn’t quite enough for some synths (and there definitly could be a bug in it that wasn’t fixed - I wouldn’t be surprised as MIDI was one of the buggier aspects of V3.3).

The Panic button floods the MIDI output with note offs so it get’s 'em all. It probably does other resets and sends other events as well. That’s a lot of MIDI data and it’s not generally expected that this kind of heavy handed thing should be needed every time the stop button is hit.

I haven’t seen a problem in V4.1, so it definitely is handled better by n-Tracks now.

will 4.1 open older projects yet? last i read it would not.

It should open 3.3. It won’t open 2.n versions, which is what that post was about.

my projects were done on 2.2 but i now have 3.3. if i open them in 3.3 and then save them is that all it takes so 4.1 can open them…

Yup, a leap frog like that should work.

As for the bug, what Hpoo said. For some of the newer synths (In my case the Kontakt player with Garritan Personal Orchestra specifically) it didn’t kill the notes. Ever since that fix in 4.x I haven’t had any synth act weird in that regard.


Though, make backups and do it one sng file at a time. YOu don’t want to do it to all your stuff and then find out it didn’t work and you have no way to go back. Remember, I said it SHOULD work. :;):

Just for the record:
When hitting the stop button, n-Track sends the following MIDI-events for each channel:
- CC120 value 0 : All notes off
- CC64 value 0 : Sustain (hold-) Pedal off
- CC123 value 0 : All sound off
So no individual note-off events for open notes are being sent.
The CCs sent by the program should be enough shut up every decently programmed SW-synthesizer.
Sadly, not all synths have been decently programmed in this respect.
So, although not really n-Tracks “fault”, hung notes can occur in v4.1 too.

i burn all of my master files to DVD pretty often…in the long run the cost of a disc is pretty minute compared to its purpose…

all advice noted…

thanx :cool: