MIDI questions

Piano roll

I use N track V5 and XP pro and have just been experimenting with the MIDI keyboard and creating a piano track by entering the notes on the grid.
I have a number of questions to ask of those in the know.
Q1-I can hear the piano notes playing but when I add N track drums I dont get any sound. The output is going to microsoft MIDI mapper. I can see the drums are playing but not outputing any sound.
Q2- How can I copy and paste segments on the MIDI grid to save having to place every note separately?
Q3-What do I need to do to record a guitar and bass track as well?
Thanks in anticipation.

Hi One-Way. Try following this thread.


Hi Tony,
Thanks for that information.
Being a visual person, now it all makes sense with the screen shots.


Unfortunately when I choose a drum pattern from N drums and drag and drop into a new midi track it plays back as piano pattern and not drums. There must be some way of changing the setting between keys and drums?
I have tried to mix my MIDI keyboard tracks into a wav file but apparently my soundcard doesnt support this. I had thought if I could mix down into a wav file then I could add guitar, bass etc as normal.
I find this MIDI thing very frustrating and timewasting compared to the simplicity of normal recording of guitar and bass etc.

Hi One-Way. In the track strip section to the left of the main timeline/waveform screen are the in/out’s for each track - two little boxes - the upper one being input(probably in a state of "Don’t Record) and the lower one is the output. Left click in the lower box and a drop down of all the instruments in your vst folder should appear - choose n-Track drums. Left click the upper box and choose channel 10.