MIDI record without pitch bend

Is it possible to record MIDI without the pitch bend information. I am using a MIDI controller that always sends pitch bend but I want to use it to program piano type sounds where it snaps to the nearest note - at the moment, the MIDI piano sound is a bit wobbly.


“a bit wobbly” sounds more like vibrato. What model of keyboard do you have?

Not using a keyboard - I’m using a guitar and a Sonuus G2M converter (monophonic).

Quote: (JeffM @ Nov. 18 2009, 12:28 AM)

Choose a good MIDI patch (sound)

Some sounds do not sound good when played by a MIDI guitar because they are not intended to be played with the subtle pitch-bend that the guitar produces. In particular, piano patches can sound strange and can appear to "warble" with small amounts of pitch bend. If you still want a piano sound, try turning off the pitch bend reception or try to play very carefully to minimise pitch bending notes.

For best results use patches that are well suited to control by guitar including synths, brass, wind, and of course guitar sounds.

that looks pretty cool, I think I might look into one of those. here's what I found on their website.
It looks like there is a way to turn off the pitch bend, I don't know if you can turn it off in ntrack while recording (someone else might), but you can get rid of pitch after the recording.

open piano roll, select the red X (delete mode) then go to the CC menu on the bottom left. velocity is default. select pitch bend and it will show you the pitch bend info in the lane.
click+drag on the pitch bend info and once you release its deleted.