Midi Sync on iPad (n-Track as slave)

Hello everyone!

I am in the process or removing the computer from my music making setup. I am hoping to use my iPad with n-Track as a basic tape recorder for my output. The problem is that I cannot get n-Track to sync correctly as a midi slave - there’s always too much latency.

Exploring the options in n-Track shows me the following settings:

Midi input
Set 0 at:
Start at:

I can find no documentation on any of these, and I can find no explanation of what units the values are. In fact, I can see no documentation on any of the midi settings.

Essentially, I want to press play on my MPC and have n-Track record in sync with it. I can find no way to compensate for this latency. Jitter is not a problem, latency is.

I’m using an MPC 4000 (very tight midi clock), an iConnectivity Mio10 midi interface (again, super tight timing) and an iPad running n-Track

I’m also using midi clock output from the MPC as it appears to have the lowest latency with n-Track compared to all other options I tested.

Can anyone give me some advice or pointers as to how I can get n-Track to better sync with playback / recording of the MPC?


No one? No one else is using this app for external audio?!