Midi Sync

Sync another sequencer with ntrack

Hi everybody,

I am trying to sync another sequencer (Finale 2007) with ntrack as a master using midi clock … and I can’t. My version is ntrack studio 5.0.4. (Same problem with 5.0.3)

I monitored midi out with midi-ox but didn’t see any signal. When using another sequencer like Ableton, there is no problem.

Is this a known bug or is this something I missed ? I anaybody as a clue, thanks.

I haven’t tried it in years (V3.3 days), but one problem I remember was that the button to turn on sending MIDI clocks looked off when it was on and looked on when it was off, and neither way was terribly obvious because of the colors WinXp defaulted the buttons to. There were issues with n-Tracks not sending or responding to Song Position pointers correctly, or consistently. Also, n-Tracks may not have sent the signal to start the other app, so I had to start it manually then it slave when I started n-Tracks. Keep in mind that this was many years ago and gosh knows how it works now and gosh knows is I’m remembering things correctly. I use to do that all the time WAY long ago with an Amiga. I’ve never really got any PC to do it as well using any app.

builds 2203>08 are not outputting MIDI - maybe fixed in 09 but havnt tested that build yet -

Dr J