MIDI to WAV conversion

Let me begin by saying I’m just starting out in recording, and am very much a newb in just about every respect. So, if you have a solution, please explain in detail - I’m constantly learning new terms, but that doesn’t mean I understand them all. ???

So, onto the problem: something bad is happening when I convert my MIDI drum tracks to WAV files. First of all, it chops up the line. It doesn’t simply become out of sync with the other WAVs, it’s chopped up beyond recognition, so cymbals and snares and toms just seem to be hit at random but frequent intervals. Also, it has some strange bleeding problem, so the last track (whether it’s track 3, 16, or whatever else) no longer plays, but a quieter, almost echoing version of the newly chopped up drum line plays. The image displayed is the same, and the actual wav remains untouched, but during playback and mixdown it cannot be heard.

I’m not sure if this is caused by N-Track, my soundcard, or some other unknown factor, but if anyone has a possible solution, it would be greatly appreciated.

EDIT: I’m using the evaluation version of N-Track, so this could be some limitation I don’t know about. I successfully converted and mixed one song where the drums worked fine, but any attempts after that have been unsuccessful.

Before we can help you, you have to tell us what kind of MIDI synth you’re using. Probably one of the following options:

1) external MIDI synthesizer
2) MIDI synthesizer on soundcard (like SoundBlaster)
3) software synthesizer

If 3, it could be the “MS Wavetable Synth” that comes with Windows and is really not quite suitable for use with n-Track, or it could be a software synth you’ve installed. Let us know.

If you didn’t set a software synth up and want to see what you’re using, go to “Preferences -> MIDI Settings -> MIDI Devices” and see what’s listed and what’s selected. (You might have a synth or two you don’t know about.)

Also tell us what your soundcard is.

Most technical problems can’t be solved unless we know what you’re running!

If you’re using the MS synth (also has words like “wavetable” and “Roland” in there, IIRC), it’s generally best to find another one even though that isn’t trivial. However, there are workarounds for its problems.

BTW, I haven’t heard anything quite like the problem you’re having.

Also let us know whether you’re using n-Track V3 or V4, and how you’re converting MIDI files to WAV. n-Track’s wizard doesn’t really work for a variety of situations depending on what kind of synth you’re using.


Sorry, haven’t checked back in awhile, but pretty soon after posting I accidentally found a way to work around it. I was using the built in wizard, but I just gave up on that. Instead, I do essentially what it’s doing, but for some reason it works. I just go into soundcard settings, select MIDI as recording mode, click “solo” on the MIDI I want to convert, hit record, and I’m good to go. Also, thanks for telling me how to figure out what MIDI synth I have - it was set to the MS one, but I also have a SB one, so I selected that one, since it sounds like the MS ones are bottom of the barrel.