MIDI to wav file conversion freeware

Hello, I am using nTrack 4.1 and am having some trouble converting a MIDI file to WAV. I am using a laptop and for some reason I am getting an “Error opening MIDI device” and “Error unpreparing to read MIDI header” messages when I try to use nTrack to convert the file to WAV. So, I have exported the MIDI file and now am looking for a stand alone freeware program to convert the MIDI file to WAV. Does anyone know of such a program?

I think the fact that I cannot select a MIDI input device in my Preferences is the reason for this, and the fact that my soundcard’s synth does not appear as an option when the conversion wizard is attempting the conversion in nTrack is also a culprit.

Anyway, I don’t quite have the time to figure this out and would rather simply use another program - a free one would be nice. I am using Windows ME. Ideas? Thanks.



I’ll check others as I go along.

Edit :

This looks promising:


Me again - its probably worth it (more) to try and figure out how to get your midi working.

You are working with the standard (comes with windows) midi synth are you ? (Confirm what is under Midi devices in N-track’s settings).

Have you considered using VSTi’s and soundfonts maybe ?

If you are interested we can go into a little further detail - it is way better and more powerfull than N’s ‘convert midi to wave’ function.

Lots of us use it that way.


Timidity is a nice soundfont renderer, but this one is very similar and have some more options:Synthfont is an excellent freeware proggie that works in standalone mode, it have some midi edit features and support for soundfonts, vst and vsti. Sometimes is a little buggy, but you will foun it very powerfull. I like the feature that allow you to render each midi track (in a single operation) to a diffrent wav file, so you can load them in n-track and mix to your taste.
It have also a VSTi version.
Said that, probably you will found more handy learn to use SFZ, it works nice with n-track.

Hello, everyone! Well, I am back from my day job, so I can try to work this out. I’m going to go for Soundfont for now, and let you know how it works out. I also found some freeware on hitsquad.com if all else fails.

I am familiar with VST, but used it on my desktop computer with a ASIO compatible soundcard. I did try to download a free VST last night, but it was not showing up properly in nTrack. I have a feeling that the soundcard on my laptop has it’s limitations, so I just want to use something extremely simple to get the wav file in to nTrack to add efx and mix.

Thanks for all the tips.