midi tracks volume in mixer

hi all, i searched the forum, but couldn’t find any thread that dealt with this…

i imported a midi file that are all on channel 10, with 7 tracks… i’ve a roland td-6v head connected via a turtle beach usb midi connector… the tracks appear in the mixer, but moving the sliders does not affect the volume at all… i can solo and mute, but no volume control… i experience the same non-affect with the master volume… there are no problems dealing with audio volumes, only midi…

locked in my ignorance of midi, is this the “normal” and expected action (no volume control), or should the sliders actually control the volume of each track?..


MIDI volume is handle by sending CC#7 events. The synth sound must respond to CC#7 or there will be no volume change. Most do including drums on ch 10 so I suspect something else. Since you have multiple tracks on the same MIDI channel there may be CC#7 events in each one or any one of the tracks that’s overriding the volume slider in any one other track. Experiment by removing all but one track to see what happens. Also check the tracks for CC#7 events.

Are you sending MIDI OUT to the Roland?

I’m only a MIDI IN guy (for now), but I would imagine that it’s more or less the same.

Are you in LIVE mode? Try toggling that. Also, try toggling the MIDI Echo button and see if that helps.

When all else fails, you can install MIDI-OX and check to make sure your volume events are happening in real-time.