midi volume control (drawing)

can’t figure out why it isn’t working

not sure if this is supposed to work this way. I have a single midi track with a synth like instrument selected. I drag one long note onto the piano roll (like 10 seconds long). I then want to have the volume slowly swell up from 0 to whatever. I tried changing the drop-down to controller and selecting 7-Volume. Then I draw a slanted rising line from left to right. However, it does not effect the volume. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks

Well, that should work, I think. So should drawing volume envelopes, which does the same thing. However, I get goofy results when I’ve tried to do both (draw volume envelopes in the timeline and also draw controller 7 changes in the piano roll.)

What synth are you using? That’s always a huge factor when talking about MIDI.

There’s another way that’s guaranteed to work. For now, just ignore the swell you want, and finish the MIDI part. Then render the MIDI part to audio, and use a volume envelope on the audio file. I find I generally do that anyway – work on the music in MIDI, but do the finishing touches like volume envelopes and effects working with the wave file. You always keep the MIDI part so you can edit it and re-render, and you don’t lose any of the work you’ve done.

[QUOTE]What synth are you using? That’s always a huge factor when talking about MIDI.
Absolutely! Some synths respond to MIDI Volue CC#7 immediately (as they should) and change already playing notes. Some others don’t respond until the next note is played. This is incorrect behaviour for CC#7, but what can you do it’s turnes out to be it…change synths maybe?

Also, don’t confuse volume with note velocity. Note velocity will cause volume changes for most instruments, but not all, and it will require retriggering the notes. I don’t think that’s the issue here though…you can’t draw velocity curves without notes.