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In case you didn’t know about it already, Marce. On another post (er, another forum too) you mentioned controlling MIDI using a joystick.

Hermann Seib, the guy who wrote SAVIHost, also wrote MIDIJoy, an app to use your joystick as a MIDI controller.

Thanks Jeff. Lucky I already know and have tryed it. There are some others for the same that also are interesting. Is interesting but i have used a proggie called “MIDIJOys” (note the final “s”) that is one of the better i have found about the topic. It also allows you to use your MOUSE X,Y to control everything.
Here are the list of some others:
Maybe you can found interesting this one:
a VSThost that allows control VST plugins trough a Joystick

Well, interesting topic and usefull in some cases.

What I want is a SIMPLE floor MIDI pedal…not one of those multi hundred dollar things with lots of pedals and switches (though some look really nice). Anyone make a single rocker pedal that will send out a single controller stream?

Hi Phoo. Im not on the move of the prices of northamercia, but google a little i found this ones that appear not expensive ($149):

i believe that less than this you need a DIY one.

That Behringer is the very one I was looking at and was the least expensive I found as well. That’s the same price Musician’s Friend has on it. That would obviously work, and probably work well unless it was built terribly. I just don’t need that much, being a drummer. Well, that’s still okay. We can never have too much stuff. What I want to use it with is a Line 6 Guitar Port. The one’s Line 6 sell do less but are for their other models…they aren’t MIDI.

Thanks very much for looking.

Phoo, some DIY links i found:

I not a DIY guy very much, but if you like this things, can be a good start. I believe that a guy called Wiham Stemmet that i have seen in Audiominds is a knowledge one about that, maybe you can ask him.