Migration to new forum

Hi All,

welcome to the new n-Track forum! We’ve been very busy with developing n-Track that we neglected the forum a bit lately. This new forum software is way better than the old one, much more interactive and modern.
We were able to migrate most of the old forum content.
The forum login is now the same as your ntrack.com main login.
If you enter the same email address you were register with into the old forum and the ntrack.com password (not the old forum password) you’ll log in as the old forum user and you should have the old message back.
Note that you may not have an ntrack.com using the same email as the one you used for the old forum. In that case you can simply create a new ntrack.com account using that email and the forum will log you in with the old account.
If you can’t manage to restore your account please contact us at http://ntrack.com/support and we’ll help.


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