Miserable Whine

a couple more. :slight_smile:

I posted a couple more products of this vacation, featuring my miserable whine.


Click but don’t listen. :)

Hi TomS:
I opened and streamed in lo-fi on my modem and dial-up … the first song. No issues and it sounds great in Lo-fi for me… However I found I couldn’t stream the second song or the rest of them…

What could be keeping the other songs from streaming, on my set-up?


Just your lucky day, I guess. :D

Actually, I don’t know. I haven’t figured out soundclick yet. Gotta get my own webspace.

Some very nice recordings here…

My favorite on your soundlick page is “I’ve Always Loved Everything Here”. Cool hook at the beginning. Your vocal is spot-on and fits the song well. No whine heard at any time. Very clean recording all around. You have a very nice vocal harmony part toward the end of the song. I think that you should expand this or at least repeat at the end of the first verse or both. You are onto something good with that part, and it also adds variety. Did I say that you needed to expand the vocal harmony part? Do it. You won’t regret it. This song is worth some more work, as the basic idea is really good. Don’t get me wrong here. What you have done is great, but if you can find a way to work a little more variation into the song structure and instrumental sounds it could be really awsome.

The third guitar that comes in is pretty wet, and tends to wash over the other guitars. Have you tried recording that part dry and bright? It seems to me that would fit with the alternative feel of the song and might give the background instrumentation a bit more definition. Perhaps you could add some variety by switching back and forth from dry-bright to wet.

If you do decide to tweak the song, please post it, as I would love to hear how it turns out.


That drummer sounds just great… Well, on the first one I could get to play…

Lycos… over in the UK has free space of 50 megs. In my opinion it might be a good place to start a page… There, you’ll find you have to contend with add banners… But hey, 50 megs, with add banners is better than No-Space with No-Add banners… at No-Charge

Browse around… You’ll find it Here or you’ll find some free space Here as well

These sites allow most if not all the extensions necessary to hyper link to the files you want to post… A lot of these places don’t allow the storage of music files… and other files except photos and all… Something that Music freaks aren’t interested in… Well… Hey… it’s worth a look… and it’ll keep you busy…


Thanks for the feedback, guys. Bill, my drummer right now is me and some samples and a midi keyboard and just a bit of quantizing for the kick and snare, and then I play cymbals and toms as overdubs. Pretty lame, really. :)

tspringer, thanks for the comments. Mostly I record sketches, with the intention of getting some real musicians to do them someday. (Someday never seems to come.) I have so little time, when I get an hour or two I sit down and try to write and record a whole song, and mostly they come out with lots of flaws. The one you liked I actually spent about 3 hours on. I’m pretty proud of that. And the guitars were all first takes. They certainly are screwed up in places! :D But I was grooving on the sound - that was my ric through a fender with tubes, through a lexicon MX200 set to rotary and verb, IIRC. And the “piano” was the free “grand” from the kvr competition from a couple of months ago - pretty crude and just plastic enough. Anyway, as I said, these are sketches, so when I find a real drummer to do some stuff with, I’ll know what to do. But I rather liked that particular song. You know what those Beatle guys said - write 100 songs and you’ll end up with one good one. OK, for me it’s more like 1000 to 1. :)

Anyway, you guys are very tolerant, and I thank you. :D

Hi Tom,

Listened to all of them.
I’ve Always Loved Everything Here, is a nice song, well recorded and I agree with T, it’s worth working on to make it into something very good indeed.
I like the simplicity and lyrics of Metaphor.
My personal favourite is Glimpse of the Buddha… really like this song, your vox work well for this type of song and I loved the guitar work… only comment? I would try to tighten up the drums a little, if they were a little crisper it would compliment the very nice bass line more. Like this one a lot.
Good stuff mate!