mix feedback

Hi all, happy new year.

I have put a bit of a mix together of our latest song. Vocals are still to be completed but I have dropped some in to hear how it sounds. My monitors are awful (I have some better ones coming next week) but I’d appreciate any critical feedback about the merits or otherwise of this mix. I have my own suspicions but would like some extra sets of ears.


This is MP3 but probably OK for general feedback. My basic goal is to get something good enough to send to get mastered, and give the engineer enough to work with so as to produce something radio / professional sounding.

We are doing vocals complete in a couple of weeks and I will spend some time working on them and think I can get them pretty good, but this example gives an idea of how her vocals currently sit in the song.

I guess the vibe we are going for is Motley Crue with a girly singer… probably not a great example LOL Say Moltley Crue crossed with Avril Lavigne.

Incidently, this is all ntrack and has had the ntrack multiband eq 6db master plugin applied to the mix. Should I really be posting an uncompressed mix??.