to a single wav file

Hi! :)
When i mixdown just a selection of tracks at the middle of the song (version 5.0.4), the new file is created and situated at the beginning of the song.
So I need to move it each time to the middle of my song… It’s not very practical…Is it normal, or is there an option I didn’t see?

Thank you!

Hi elgitano:
I believe you should be able to do the command you are requesting… However, another approach to this “Render”, is…

Hi-lite the section of the track you want to edit… Then “Silence” the areas of the track you don’t want to hear… Go to “Edit” and “Silence” … You have a choice. Put LEVEL to ZERO or Silence Destructively… Then render-and-rename the track…

With this practice you render the entire track from Time ZERO to the END of the track… Then the hi-lited area of the track will be “In Place” time-wise.

I hope this idea helps your " TRACK EDIT"


Thank you for your answer Bill! :)
This can be another method, but takes more of hard disk space, and sometimes I have more than one mixdown file to create.
Thanks for your help!

I guess this mayl not save you disk space either but here are a couple of ways.
If using the section in the same song - clone the track, then you can freeze the track and drag the ends of the tracks to use just that section with the existing track ( I do this often, I can then use volume envelopes to adjust).
I think this only uses a “model” of the origional track and may not actually save the track to the hard drive - never mattered to me enough to check
If you want ot bring the section into something new:
mixdown the entire song, open the mixdown and cut the ends to leave just the information you want to use.
This will save the whole thing to the hard drive.