Mixdown time stretch

Problems with time being stretched

Whenever I do a mix of either the whole song or when applying effects and envelopes the file gets stretched. For example the current song I am working on goes from 3:13 to 3:17 whenever I do either of these steps. It’s plenty to make the tracks not sync.

I have the compensate for effects latency checked both in the mixing panel and in the master preferences window.

I’m thinking sampling frequency OR that little playback song speed thingy.

Both will output similar symptoms.

that’s only a 4 second stretch so I’m trying to think what could cause so a slight distortion to a file…the only think I can think of is the snap to setting.

if it is set at -4 sec instead of zero it is possible…that would add time at the beginning or end…but the file itself would keep it’s speed.

if it is the song speed thingy (x1.00) and it is set at anything other than 1.00 even .99 the song would gradually get longer being more noticeable the further in you get to it…(most noticeable at the end when you have a longer file than you started out with) the same can be said for Ntracks frequency change encoding if you are recording at say 44k but Ntrack is set up to mixdown a 96k you may get a longer file but that problem would be a lot more noticeable since everything would either be faster or slower depending on which way you are going up or down in frequency…it’s either chipmunks or slow motion film effect…

Take your mixdown file and if you have a click track at the beginning of it line it back up in the timeline so that it begins at the same point as the click track in the project file (you may have to shrink in the left side of the file to make it smaller)
if it turns out the file itself is at the same speed as the rest of the project what you have is added space at the beginning which would indicate offset in which case snapto settings would be a good thing to check into.
If the file lines up at the beginning but gradually looses time eventually being behind the rest of the project than that could be a result of numerous other things a few of which are already mentioned, if it’s lag make sure the program is set to highest priority and you have the latest ASIO drivers installed.



The transpose was at.99 I never use that function so it had to be a random mis-click. all is well…

Thanks for the clues…

even a broken clock is right twice a day! :laugh: