Mixer on input?


Hello, this may be a stupid question, but i was wondering if any of you guys use a mixer or some kind of EQ in your input chain. I’ve got a problem with having my guitar having too much rumble in the low end & some kind of eq is the only way i know to fix it. I didn’t know if the majority fixed eq problems after recording a track. the way i understand, it’s best to fix it on the input. i’m a 1 man operation doing rock music & if anybody can turn me on to a small mixer (if that’s what i need) or eq, i’m very thankful. :) i’m using a Behringer xv amp for direct guitar & even w/ the low end cut all the way back it’s still too heavy. maybe i need to try some of the guitar plugin programs out there? Amplitube or Guitar rig?

How exactly are you recording your guitar now?

Hi Tom, i just revised my post & came back to see your reply. :D i use a Behringer xv amp.

Line out from the v-amp to line in on your soundcard should be ok…

Does your soundcard have a line in? Make sure you are not using a mic in input…

A mixer can be useful, but you shouldn’t need one to get a decent sound out of the v-amp…

If your soundcard doens’t have a line in and only a mic in, then plugging a mixer in won’t help any either…


Hey Rich, i use an AP 2496 card for my recording. it seems that my low end is coming out heavier after recording for some reason, i guess it could be my ears, i really don’t know. why would the low end stand out more after i’ve recorded something? I’ve got the sound dialed in that i want, but it’s heavier coming out. thanx for the reply Rich.

Do you montior the guitar whilst recording through the same speakers that you listen back to the recorded track?

If so then it should sound the same…
If not (say you have headphones plugged into the v-amp whilt playing and then listne back to the recorded track through speakers) then the frequency response on your 2 different monitoring methods may be different…

What does the recorded track sound like on different environments? eg. if you burn to cd and listen on hi-fi or in car?

Hi again, yes, i record & monitor thru the same speakers (rolands) nothing else hooked up to the v amp, just the guitar. i know it should sound the same, i just don’t get it. i tried it thru PTMP that i have too & the same results. but i’m going straight out of the v amp to a focusrite pre & out to the sound card then thru my roland monitors. if ya think of something please let me know, i can’t figure it out. thanx:;):

Are you recording it with effects or dry? Try recording a totally dry signal and see if the tonality is still a problem. Make sure your eq is flat (at unison) in n-track.


Mmmm…Focusrite pre…mmmm…

Just a wild thought, but you are not recording to two separate tracks that are slightly out of sync, producing comb filtering, are you?

No, I thought not, it was a silly idea.


i’m probably not even close on this…but all of my guitars (strat, accoustic, bass and keyboard) are plugged into my yamaha mixer which i then run into a digitech rp50 fx pedal then into my line in on the PC. then the PC spk out is run into various receivers and sound setups. i don’t have any guitars plugged into an amp… i basically add fx like compression, reverb, EQ etc. after recording…
maybe i am doing it wrong but it all comes out ok in the end. :cool:


I’ve got a problem with having my guitar having too much rumble in the low end

This is a CLASSIC symptom of using a sound that is great soloed but doesn’t doesn’t fit within the mix. Scooped heavily distorted guitars are notorious for having this kind of problem.

Add a high pass EQ band to your guitar tracks - an easy way it to run all the guitars through a group and add the high pass to the group. Start the roll off at 80 hz and bring it up in frequency until the rumble goes away. I suspect it will drop out in th 100hz range. At that point you can undo the EQ and experiment with a low shelf or the high pass bandwidth to tweak the sound just enough to bring the body back IN THE MIX. Don’t do this with the guitars soloed. Doing this may uncover other problems with the sound, and it may not be the end all or even THE problem, but it’s first step that needs to be tried.

Could be proximity effect too. Move your mic a few inches back from the speaker and rerecord. See what you get.


i’m using a Behringer xv amp for direct guitar

No proximity effect… :)



OK…where’d you get the Doh! for that? :)

Thanx for the imput guys. i’m gonna toy w/ this stuff & see what happens. Do any of you guys record w/ anything else besides N-Track studio, or is everybody here pretty much dedicated to N? I have PTMP too & not really that impressed w/ it. all the plugins are kinda cheezy ( that’s my opinion anyway) N has just as good reverb plugins as PT (my opinion again) and i like the EQ’s that come with N, i like to also be able to see what i’m doing w/ an EQ along w/ listening. maybe i should use my eyes less & my ears more!:D but i’ve got hooked on looking at an EQ too as i ~EQ~:laugh: anyway thanx for the info again everybody!!

Is there any way you can record yer amp using a mic? Maybe into the Focusrite first? (Assumming it’s a mic pre)I have tried the line out route with poor results everytime.

Next best method would be guitar direct into a pre before the sound card. What kind of sound card is it?


Quote (phoo @ Oct. 26 2005,16:45)
OK…where’d you get the Doh! for that? :)

If you right click and choose properties you can steal the link and use it for your own purposes. :;):

As for software, N is about it for multitrack audio.

Ouch! Bug… in… sniff… sniff… my EYE!

HEY??? It works! Bubba, you are one fart smeller… er… I mean, uh well you know… :D