Mixing a video soundtrack for

my son’s wedding

Hi Guys,

I need some quick help with this. We just got back to England from a weekend in Seattle where my son was married to an amazing American girl. You may recall that he’s the English guy who’s in the US Army who just got back from a year in Iraq.

Anyway, I took a lot of video and stills of the wedding and I’m just editing a project of the whole thing. One of the highlights was the bride’s father (who’s a worship leader in their church) performing a song he’d written for the wedding accompanied by his acoustic guitar.

I didn’t realise how great it was at the time and unfortunately filmed it in two chunks. To make it seamless I’ve been able to do some editing in n-track and even fixed a bit where he forgot a line.

My real problem now is that I need to separate the original soundtrack of him playing from the video in question so I can replace it with the edited version (padding out the missing video with other trickery).

Anyone know how I can do this? It’s a .mov file by the way.

Thanks guys


congratulations on your son’s wedding…

your question is a tough one: removing audio from a .mov, right? if nobody here can help you, i would suggest a mac forum. i have a friend who is a videographer (commercial & special events) and he is strictly a mac guy. i think they do the kind of stuff you are talking about all of the time…

trying to help


I think QT professional is only $29 US. You can export many file types, and I believe separate the audio as well.

Dave T2

I’ve been doing a lot of video lately, transfering all my VHS tapes to DVDs and doing some 3-D projects with my son’s school.

I use Sony Vegas Movie Studio + DVD Architect - $90 or less
(I bought mine at the local Best Buy…)

Really good and simple-to-use video editing software and I’m able to send the soundtracks directly to N-Track or Soundforge for processing/editing, then put them right back in again. Also, the included DVDArchitect is fantastic for making menu’ed DVDs.

I did something similar a couple of years ago using the free version of Intervideo WinDVD Creator that came with my motherboard. Great fun - but it took me about 20 hours to produce a 30 min video CD.


There are many video editing programs that should allow you to do this easily, provided they allow you to see the audio waveforms in the timeline display. I’m pretty sure the Vegas product mentioned earlier will do this, probably too Abobe Premiere Elements.

The process would go something like this.

1. Start a new project in Vegas etc.
2. Import both of the .mov files and edited audio file into the project.
3. Drag the first .mov file into the timeline. You should end up with the video on a video track and the audio on an audio track (at least that’s how it works with .avi files).
4. Drag the audio file you edited in Ntrack into another audio track on the timeline.
5. While viewing the audio waveforms, move the edited audio file on the timeline so that the beginning of the waveform lines up with the beginning of the waveform from the first .mov audio track. (Play it back. You may need to move it a frame or two one way or another to minimize any echo)
6. I assume you need to remove a small chunk of video that occurs somewhere between the end of first .mov and the second .mov?
7. Drag the second .mov file into the timeline at the end of the first .mov.
8. Drag the end of the first .mov and beginning of the second .mov file back about 20 seconds (or however long your original shooting pause was) to create a blank space between them on the timeline.
9. Again, Looking at the audio waveforms, move the SECOND .MOV file so that its waveform lines up with your edited audio file. (Play it back. You may need to move it a frame or two one way or another to minimize any echo) Your audio tracks should now be aligned and in sync.
10. Drag the end of the first .mov video track and the beginning of the second .mov back together to a place that creates a decent cut (or you might want to do a dissolve). Your video should also be in sync.
11. Mute the original .mov audio track.
12. Render a new .mov or .avi file using the edited audio track only. All should be well.

Hope I was clear and didn’t miss anything.

Thanks Guys, I appreciate it!