Mixing Tools

Any Recommendations?

Can someone recommend another mixing and mastering tool that would work well with N-Track? I just can’t seem to get the mixes I want using N-Track alone. I’ve tried playing with compressor settings, different compression options like Soft Limiter, etc, but I just don’t think there are a lot of options with N-track out of the box. I was thinking of giving EZ Mix a try but it’s about $180. I’m not sure how it works either, if I would simply be mixing the dry mixdown track and using it in the other tool, or if I could somehow use that plugin right in the N-Track interface.

Might be worth a shot looking for some VST plug-ins.
You could start by looking at thislist of VST search engines.

I don’t have experience with things like EZ Mix, so other people are probably better able to add to the discussion.
I’ve had good success with VSTs helping my final mixes.

When it comes to actually mixing I don’t personally think you can do much better than N-Track. That said, I do use some othre programs because of the plug-ins they bring to the table. Here’s kind of a layout:
Track compression - N-track display makes it a very usable choice. However, I do have some issues with the tendancy to increase the volume of the track. I use Alloy because it has the flexability to “play with” sereral settings at a time.
EQ - Alloy, Sound Forge, Ozone
Noise reduction _ Sound Forge
Master channel - Ozone
I like to bring individual (troubled) tracks into Sound Forge to use their plug-ins. However, the fact that you have to make changes perminate is a downer. Where possible, I prefer to add plug-in changes whith in N_Track where things are Non-distructive and I can change things and listen to the over all balance. That make Ozone or Alloy my favorites.
Hope this helps,

I meant to add. These are pricy programs and the plug-ins in n_Track do a good job without the cost. I think a lot of it is getting use to how different plug-in effect thinks. The EQ in n-Track works well, but because I like to also handle dynamics at the same time, I tend to use Alloy now that I have it. Got to justify the expense some how!

That’s a good call, bax3. I like the idea of sending my tracks off to be mastered by pros, but if you figure the (low-end) rate of $35/song, after 10 songs you would have spent near enough to buy the Alloy/Ozone bundle. It’s a hard one-time purchase, but I could see it paying off if someone has tons of songs. Plus, you would learn how to master and could offer services once you got decent. So it’s more of an investment if viewed in that light.