Mixing without USB Audio Module attached??

Can it be done with N-track?

I have recently purchased a Lexicocn Omega to do some recordieng with N-Track. This is an external 24bit USB device which I am using with my Laptop.

Lets say I record 10 tracks which I am happy with, and I want to mix them (effects, audio levels Etc.), then do a mix down to a song. If I take my Laptop elsewhere without the Lexicon Omega can I do the mixing with the 16bit sound in my Laptop??? Will this work since they were recorded to Wav files with the 24bit Lexicon???


24 bit played back over 16bit soundcard will hurt - if the system lets you.

I’ve opened up 24bit files without thinking in Cooledit96, and almost wrote my system (and ears) off…

Don’t know if there’s an option in N to force 16bit playback…


If you record on the 16 bit setting you should be able to mix with it but if you record in 24 bit and mix in 16 it may not work too well.