MLB cleans up baseball

that’s like cricket yeah? :slight_smile:

S, what do the Americans on here think about the new drug testing policy in baseball?

Amphetamines and other stimulants will no longer be tested for.

Growth hormones will be tested for, (but, they can only be tested for by blood tests, and compulsory blood tests are forbidden under the new policy).

A positive result gives a ten day ban.

4 positive results give a season’s ban, (but, any suspensions will await the result of an appeal, or “extenuating circumstances”)

Sounds to me that they really do have a zero tolerance policy! :laugh:


It’s a joke.

The only sport that matters to me is dying…

Mr. Scott? This is Cap’n TG. Raise the FLAME proof shields…

Instead of banning drugs in professional sports, how about banning professional sports?

Just a thought… ???


Really the only policy what would be consistent with sports ethics in the US would be to allow anyone to use anything they wanted to use. That would truly even the playing field.

I propose there be two leagues: Clean and Unlimited.

Clean would use the same policies that most amateur athletics uses - basically no enhancements or they get banned for life. The goal is the team. The final score. No individual stats are kept as they add nothing to the goal of a team win.

Unlimited would be anything goes. No team score is kept. The goal is individual stats. In an odd twist to team scoring the team with the best individual stats wins the game. That way a well playing but defensive only team could actually win a game of a better offensive team even if the offensive team had more points-run-goals. Why bother thinking about the heath of the players (it doesn’t hurt the viewers directly, no does it)? Think about it wouldn’t it be a blast to watch to baseball teams that had nine players on each team that could hit 3 or 4 600 foot home runs on a good day, or could run fast enough to turn an infield single into a triple without relying on errors? So what if the players die before they are 35. So what if they all look like Popeye and have Mike Tyson’s attitude. Think is fun we’ll have watching these guy on their off days trying to fit in with the real world. This would be a league made for super enhanced world records.

I say pump up Toyna Harding with steroids and give her a bat.

Aside from that I think MLB still has their collective heads in the sand.

Good idea Phoo, and we can tie that in with professionalism:

If you’re 0 for 4 at the end of the game, you get paid nothing, and if your team loses, your “money for hits or strikeouts” gets halved.

But enhancements are interesting. Are contact lens or spectacles enhancements? How about weight training?

Look at Sumo wrestlers, their enhancements are rice, fish and rice beer. And very few reach 50 years of age.

I agree with TG, ban professional sports!

Personally speaking, I’d pay folding money to see true amateurs again!



I like watching kids play ball up through high school and once upon a time enjoyed college sports. The college stuff is becoming as bad as the pro stuff. College sports is just a breeding area for the pro stuff anyway.

I went to an Atlanta Braves game a couple years ago. LOUSY seats cost me $17.50 each! Sent my son to the concession stand with a twenty dollar bill. He came back with two cokes, a hotdog, a bag of popcorn and less than a dollars change!! THAT is ridiculous. There were some guys a few rows down who were constantly running up to the stand for beer. I bet that game cost those guys 300 bucks apiece!!


So quit endorsing the buffoons, quit watching on tv, quit going to the games, no fans, no teams, let em all get real jobs. Stop the company sponcership advertising for race cars and give the employees a raise!:D

Quote (YazMiester @ Jan. 21 2005,18:54)
So quit endorsing the buffoons, quit watching on tv, quit going to the games, no fans, no teams, let em all get real jobs. Stop the company sponcership advertising for race cars and give the employees a raise!:D

Well said Yaz!! I ain't got no use for pro sports. I only went to that Braves game for my son. He appreciated it. Now-a-days he only digs guitar playing and girls.


PS Take all that sponsorship money and endorsements and crap and pay-off the national debt! The concessions take from ONE lousy baseball season alone should cover it........

I believe you could pay off the national debt, house the homeless and feed the starving all at once!:D

oh and btw, my son who is now 24 went to a Browns game recently, called me to tell me what a rip off it was and how he froze his buns off, LOL. :D