Molly's Revenge

Hell hath no fury like a woman on the wa

This is a song that I have actually been working on since the spring of this year. A young lady friend of mine had broken up with her boyfriend in a nasty confrontation, and she was NOT a happy camper. I wrote the music for this song then, trying to capture what she was going through, but the lyrics I was writing just didn’t seem to fit the music. Today, I felt as if the lyrics were falling into place, so I finished the song…

the link is to youtube, not an mp3, because it seems that the server for my website is down, so I am unable to upload the new song to it…

Molly’s Revenge @ Youtube

the lyrics for this song


Molly’s made up her mind, what she’s gonna do
She’s been pacing all night, Boy, your time is through
You should have done her right, you knew it all along
and now it’s payback time, because you did her wrong
She’s got a taste for revenge, that woman ain’t playin’…

She’s made a little list, of all the things you’ve done
before that girl is through, you’ll wished she’d used a gun
you played around on the side, thought you’d fool her
now you’ve made her mad, she’s out to screw you
Wait until your friends find out what you’ve been saying’…

Revenge…she’s coming after you
Revenge…there’s nothing you can do
Revenge…for all the tears she’s cried
Revenge…you’re going down, tonight

Molly’s looked in your eyes, she knows just where you’ve been
Don’t bother telling her lies, she’s seeing right through them
the nights you left her there, with her teardrops
she’s gonna pay you back, and she ain’t gonna stop
Boy, before she’s done, you’ll wish you’d never met her…

Don’t try crawling back, that girl is done with you
She can’t forget the hell that you have put her through
All your cheating and lies is going on her list
and a little extra for the ones she missed
She’s gonna make damned sure you don’t forget her

Revenge…she’s coming after you
Revenge…there’s nothing you can do
Revenge…for all the tears she’s cried
Revenge…you’re going down, tonight

(Guitar Solo)

Revenge…she’s coming after you
Revenge…there’s nothing you can do
Revenge…for all the tears she’s cried
Revenge…you’re going down, tonight

Hi dannyraymilligan:

Tough story line…
Well done…
The tracks sound great…


Thanks, Bill :)

I got the mp3 to upload (finally!!!) now the only question is will the site stay up long enough for people to get the song? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Danny Milligan - Molly’s Revenge

Back Again:

That last link appears broken again
At least over here, it is…
The YouTube link seems to work O.K.



The link was working earlier, I guess that means the website server is down again… Well, that’s what I get for paying for a “cheap” website: you get what you pay for, and I guess if I want good service, I have to pay for it… sigh

We’ll keep the thread going… :agree: :) :p :laugh:


danny i decided your voice sounds like jj cale!
im sure he thinks he cant sing very well either but its part of his unique sound
what i mean is people who cant sing briliantly often have unique voices & thats part of there appeal

still think your songs would be better if you cut them shorter. anything over 3 minutes & i reckon people are likely to turn off. i know you like to tell astory & thats good but maybe tell it shorter?


I hear you bright lights tonight /TinaM… Leonard, My long gone Steel guitar friend would say , if you cant say it in 2:10 - 2:30 you’re stuttering… Or something like that…

I believe songs are longer than that, these days…

Anyway, I’ll back you up till your nose bleeds… :) :p :laugh:


lol, how do you get Stairway To Heaven into 3 minutes? What would songs like Hotel California, or The Last Resort be, if only 3 minutes?

I think of short songs that I wished were longer, great little songs with energy and attitude, that were fun, if not altogether serious. Do you remember “Little Willy” by Sweet? Or “You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet” by Bachman Turner Overdrive?

Yes, I try to tell a story with my songs, and sometimes they turn into Novels instead of short stories. How does one reduce the Lord Of The Rings to fit in an issue of Reader’s Digest?

Suffice it to say, I try to paint pictures, with my songs. Sometimes a simple sketch will get your point across, and sometimes it won’t. There are songs that I have music for that have sat around for YEARS because I can’t find a theme or words to fit the message of the music.

In addition, my songs aren’t always long because of lyrical content. You will note that many songs have rather involved preludes, building up to the actual words, to set the mood. Other songs have Instrumental solos that add color and depth to the picture that I painted with the words. This particular song, for example, is comprised of many different themes. There is the tribal Native American drums pounding in the background, because I wanted to convey the anger of a woman on the warpath. There’s the slide guitar, Mississippi Delta Blues, if you will, to convey the angst that people in this situation feel, and there is the raging first part of the guitar solo that gives substance to the anger felt at the betrayal. I then ended it with the sound of Indians, dancing and chanting to their pounding drums, psyching themselves up to go to war.

So, with a brushstroke here, and a brushstroke there, I have painted a picture of a woman whose whole life revolves around getting revenge upon the thoughtless person who needlessly trashed her. Is it possible to have achieved what I wanted to say in 3 minutes or less with this song? Maybe, but then it would have only been a pencil sketch, not an oil painting that you could recognize and perhaps empathize with the subject.

I hope i didnt offend you danny i try to give an honest helpful opinon without upseting people
if your writing songs only for yourself to listen to you can make them as long as you want
if you want other people to listen & to like them i think anything over 3 mins & youll lose there attention & the great song you know youve just written will never get appreciatted
those songs you mention were done by already well known bands with a lot of fans willing to listen for a lot longer.
its only my opinon but i dont think people are willing to listen for as long these days
we are brainwashed to expect instant plesure & quick gratification
if prog rock was invented today it wouldnt stand a chance

Not offended at all, Tina. You see, I don’t write songs to become famous or wealthy, I’m smart enough to know that my voice and songwriting skills don’t lend themselves to that kind of goal. I write songs to tell a story, or paint a picture. I would rather have 5 people on this earth that LOVE what I do, and look forward to hearing anything I put out, then have a million kids who say “Cool Song!” because it sounds like everything else that they listen to. And to be completely honest with you, it really doesn’t matter to me if someone who is a fan of modern “artists” such as Lady Gaga and Kanye West likes my music or not. That’s like having a blind man tell me I’m very attractive, as if he would even know, lol!

Hey, wait a minute - Lady Gaga is actually very talented - she just does stupid music, mostly. :)

Quote: (TomS @ Dec. 14 2010, 4:28 AM)

Hey, wait a minute - Lady Gaga is actually very talented - she just does stupid music, mostly.

mostly.... :whistle:

Hey, Danny, I liked the song :agree:

lol, Tom, I’ll take your word for that, my friend


Thank you, Miss Ange :;):