monitor input while recording

Hi All,

Im using the now ancient ntrack 2.3, which in general I like. My problem goes like this;<br />I have been running with my also ancient Compaq deskpro 650PIII for the past 6 years which along with its creative labs soundcard works very well.
Now enter my “new refurbished” HP NC8430 (Intel Pentium Dual Core T7200) laptop. It has a Soundmax HD integrated soundcard. My first unpleasant surprise was that the .sng files from the old deskpro wont open with program on the HP. No big deal here, as Ill just finish the old projects on the deskpro nad start new ones on the laptop.
Then the bigger problem. I cant seem to get a soundcard/n-track/whatever configuration to where I can hear the input, electric guitar, electric piano, while I record a new track. It duplexes with any/all combinations of devices as can be tested with the "Wave Devices" full duplex test, drivers are up to date. I can record a track with nice levels, and no bleeding from other tracks. I just cant hear the input as it is recorded
Is this a soundcard limitation or is there something Im missing in my configuration?<br />Oh, Im am using an old Alesis Midiverb as a preamp. I just go into the 1/4" inst jacks and out with a 1/4" to 1/8" into the soundcard mic input. This is the same setup used for both PCs.

any help is greatly appreciated,

just a correction on the topic line from my original post.