Monitoring EQ VST

for us old gits.

Ears getting old?

Losing the HF end?

Can’t be bothered turning up the treble knob?

try this instead…

$1500!!! Sheeit!!!

For that price, this VST had better #### well have tits too! :laugh:

EDIT: OK, tried it, and I can duplicate the effects of the VST by just blowing the fluff off my needle. :D

From their site: <!–QuoteBegin>

Contact us at when you are ready to try this out. It isn’t difficult to use, but we do have to give you some pointers the first time out.

Uh-huh… they probably will say SUCKER!! Send mo’ money…

D – cynical perhaps?

Actually, it does sound pretty damm good, and on my machine it’s using almost 50% of the CPU load, so it’s obviously doing something! :D

But $1500? Dream on! :laugh:

I’ll stick to Har-Bal for mastering, and allow my ears to grow old gracefully. :)


System 1200 has been specifically adapted to the Behringer UB802 Mini-EuroRack mixer which can serve as both headphone amplifier with makeup gain, as well as providing some outboard equalization against which System 1200 can perform de-emphasis to preserve operating headroom

Well, they are working with the best stuff in the biz for play back… How can you not believe them? (AKA, you gotta be kidding me… a $1500 plug designed for playback on a $49 mixer???)


AKA, you gotta be kidding me… a $1500 plug designed for playback on a $49 mixer???




It implements 50 overlapping half-Bark bands of correction, in stereo, and uses 4-fold temporal overlap processing, with corrections updated at near 1 kHz.

So…what does that mean? ???

half-Bark: Ta woofer that’s seen its best days.

correction: I’ll give you the email address of a woman I used to know. It’s her speciality.

temporal overlap: join a Doctor Who torrent. It’ll all become clear.

1 kHz: That’s easy! 1000 cycles a second. It’s a measurement they use in Beijing during the rush hour.


Oh! uh…Thanks! :)