Monitoring while recording

Help needed with recording in n-Track

Hi all, I’m very new to n-Track and need some help.

I’d like to be able to listen to what I’m recording, while I’m recording it, via headphones connected to the computer on which I’m recording. Is that possible?

Right now, I’ve connected a set of electric drums to the computer and I can record them and then play back the recorded track, that works fine. However, while I’m recording the track I don’t hear it in the headphones. How can I fix that?

Thanks for your help!

Wee need a bit more information to answer completely. What are you using for an interface? Many usb or firewire audio interface have a phone out that will give low or no latency while you listen and record. Using your computers sound card presents different problems.

green monitor button? is it still there in v7?

Thanks guys, here’s some more info:

I have three audio interfaces:
1. The built-in sound card that has a mic/line in and a headphone out.
2. A no-name USB audio interface that has one stereo input and not ouputs.
3. An Asus Xonar U3 USB audio interface that has one stereo input and a headphones output.

So with the built-in sound card I couldn’t find a way to do a hardware play-through between the input and the output. Using Audacity, I can enable “software play-through” which allows me to listen to the track as it’s been recorded but the latency is awful and thus unusable.

The Asus interface does have a hardware play-through and it’s much better than the software one but there’s still noticeable latency which makes live playing impossible.

So I was wondering if n-Track has some other way of making this possible, without latency. Not holding my breath but worth trying.


Looks like you don’t have any ASIO drivers installed. ASIO is the preferred choice because of it’s low latency. You could try ASIO4ALL drivers (generic, good working drivers). Might work.
Here’s the link.


With the two outboard interfaces connected, what do you have on the drop-down list in, Settings > Audio Devices?