Mono/Stereo recording

Cannot find ‘mono’ selection

Hi everyone, I have another silly question. Please bear with my total newness to the program.
I was running through the tutorial on basic recording. And I was also watching the tuturial video on youtube. The tutorial says to click on the hammer in the recording vu meters and select ‘mono’ for recording.
I click on the hammer and I have no selection to record straight mono. All I have is
‘stereo’ and
'stereo -> two mono tracks’
Am I looking in the right place? Do I have something possibly set wrong?

Please help and thanks

Could be correct. It might depend on the drivers (especially ASIO), if they will or won’t work as a mono source. I think stereo to two mono is the way to go, then delete the empty tracks when done recording.

Then again, there may be yet another place to select mono besides there – seems like there’s a way to select just one of the two to actually record. I’m blank at the moment and don’t see it. (close to bed time and I’m getting droopy eyed)

Just select what you want in the track input selection menu(left click the record button).

If you want to record mono (left and right) to mono track:
After you select Stereo->two mono tracks (with the hammer icon on the record VU meter),
- right click on the button to the left of the hammer on the record VU which is the
‘set to which track the recording from this channel is assigned’.
Now you can select each (left and right channel) and assign it to
[ the same track i.e left channel to track 2 and right channel to track 2 for mono ]
OR you can assign each channel to a different track, OR you can select
’Don’t record from this channel’
For example if you had a stereo source plugged into your line in and suppose
the left input was a mono guitar, and the right input was a pre-amped microphone.
Your recording choices would be
record left channel (guitar) to a seperate track
record right channel (mic) to a seperate track
record both left and right channel to a single track by selecting the
same track for both (mixed mono)
or not record one or the other.
This would be different if you had selected Stereo (with the hammer icon on the VU
meter) in which case you would be able to record left and right channels to the
current track selected or to a new track.

Excellent :agree:
Thanks again for all of your help. It is really appreciated. :)