Monte Montgomery

anyone ever check him out?

i was working around the crib a couple weeks ago when i heard these fantastic chops commin from the radio,made me stop what i was doin an listen,it was an acoustic player named Monte Montgomery,from texas of course,and it blew my mind,well,as luck would have it,he was to be performing close to home on the 16th of march in a lil club,an ole VFW hall in Stevens Point WI…so i went an checked him out,wow is all i can say,he plays an ol Alverez acoustic but he makes it sound like Eric Johnson kinda,makin it howl an string bendin,lightning fast licks an a good singer songwriter too,if ya gettea chance ,check out this guys music,he’s been around for a while,having taken some acoustic guitar pole now for 7 yrs in a row,he’s well worth a listen,

The ‘Alvarez’ he plays is actually a Yairi (handmade in Japan and marketed by Alvarez in the states). Nice guitar… and yes, he’s amazing.


Heh, proud poppa, are we TJ? Any of those hand made Japanese guitars are equivalent or way better than many American guitars (Guild and Gibson for instance) IMO. SOme day when I am made of money (okay, never) I hope to snag something like you have TJ.

Monte is truly amazing guitarist, says he plays acoustic to slow him down, when on electric no one can hear his chops (too fast). He has actually ripped the neck off of his Yairi’s before. Sends 'em back to Alverez and they repair them for him. He played here at a little hole in the wall club about 2 years ago. Buddy of mine begged me to go and I didn’t. My buddy had a table front and center about 5 ft from Monte. (BENDING OVER FOR THE SWIFT KICK IN THE RUMP). Hate I missed that one.

On a side note, I heard a “wozz” play some Jimi Hendrix on acoustic guitar one morning about 9 am in an old VP Chat room. Little Wing I think was the song. This the same wozz?

yes sir mr yaz,same wozz of wisconsin,good to run into ya again man,them old chat days were sumthin werent they,i had the same kinda seat that yer buddy had to see Monte also,was way too cool man,and whata genuine nice guy too,came out during his break to talk with the folks,the place was 75% guitarists,so ya know they was lined up ,and Monte charmed em all

Long time no see wozzo, wowsers, I’m still kicking my butt fer not going to see Monte. My buddy reminds me all the time that I missed a great show. Well if he comes around here again I will not be stupid and miss it! :D