more n-track problems

Now I’ve noticed that when I record something, it creates more tracks.

Whenever I record something, I create a blank audio track, arm it, set it to record my asio from the soundcard. I hit record, do whatever, and then stop. Then it creates the wav I just recorded on the track I created, but it also creates 5 other tracks, with wav files on the same spot I recorded.

I’m thinkin n-track has some bugs in the ASIO department. Or maybe it just can’t work with the emu ‘soundcard as a mixer’ setup. I really wanted to get n-track, as it is priced so nice, but I think I may go with cakewalk home studio or cubasis se for a little more.

Somebody change my mind!
Thanks again,

I'm thinkin n-track has some bugs in the ASIO department.

Maybe, but this ain't one of them. What is happening is that N-track is set to create a new track for every input you have. I haven't used ASIO for a while so I can't remember if the process is the same, but with my Delta 44 and the WDM drivers I get a recording VU for each input (ie 4 of them) (press F5 to get the the VU meters).

Click on the red dot at the bottom of each VU and select "disable" (notice that it defaults to "record to a new track). Note that you don't have to create a blacnk track and arm it - by default in N-track all you have to do is hit Record.



Ah, I see. Thank you very much.

As soon as I get a chunk of freetime I’m gonna go through it with the manual, and try to figure all this out on my own.

Appreciate it!

Reading the manuals and help files is a VERY good way to start.