More tunes from the old timers project

Killing Me Softly
Remember April

The usual, looking for another set or 10 of ears to listen. Of course, I have no control over the performance as this is not me or my group, so I am really looking to the mix.


Same as before, I can’t open these files. I’m anxious to hear some more. Can you post them as MP3 also?


T, right click the links and “Save Target As…” then manually open the files in Windows Media Player. Sounds like a player that doesn’t support wma is trying to play them off the website directly if you just click the links.

Is that the same folks that did Calcutta? Very nice stuff.

Is the room sound (reverb) on the drums real or a plug-in? I’d like to hear the drums a little drier, but not much. Maybe a different tone of the effect, but only on the drums. This is WAY minor and I may change my opinion when listening on other speakers. I’m at work on the crappy ones. The other instruments seem ok.

OK OK ONE MORE…and a TOUCH less high-end on the bass, maybe or a little lower in the mix just a touch. This is really hard to tell on these speakers. The low notes are good but the high notes are a bit bright which adds to the perceived pitchiness (pitchy or not and probably not) that is so typical of real uprights. I hear it in jazz stuff all the time. The playing is good.

Phoo, the drop-down doesn’t give me the choice of ‘save target as’. It ought to work anyway as the file association for WMA files show as the media player. Sorry Bubba - I don’t mean to hijack the thread.


T, what browser are you using?

Phoo, Room sound… real with a touch of plate. and for the bass, the high end is already gone. I have since tweaked since I posted these. A night’s sleep showed a bit of ear fatigue from the day before in the mixes.

My browser is Firefox.


Then right click and choose “Save Link As”. Slightly different verbiage for the same thing.

Very nice. The guitar player is really good. Reminds me of Charlie Byrd. The recording is really clean, but I had exactly the same impressions that Phoo had. Minor points though…still really enjoyable. Thanks for the postings. Are more to come?

Off topic: I never would have guessed that ‘Save Link’ in Firefox means save contents of link. The meaning of the term seemed so obvious. Clear terminology matters.

If any more are to come, it will be a while. I am in Europe for all of October… so check back.

BRAVO. Particularly enjoyed the guitar. Very smooth, clean and grown up. I can get with this.

Ooooh live musicians. I’m slobberin’.

Loved the handling of the guitar and drums. I’d echo the comments re the bass but they’re a bugger, I’ve only tried recording my stand up once so far and it’s not easy.