MOTU 2408 mk2


I’m trying to decide whether to keep a legacy Mark Of The Unicorn 2408 Mark2 and incorporate it into my rig or offer it up on eBay.

Fact is, this unit is way beyond my needs and I don’t know that I want to go through the hassle of trying to incorporate it - I’m quite content with USB2 interfaces and I doubt that a return to PCI-based soundcards is a step in the right direction but the ability to record up to 24 tracks at once is tempting (on an ego basis if nothing else).

Still, eight year old PCI technology isn’t likely to fetch much in the after market. Any one care to venture an opinion?

If you have no use for it… sell it. Looks like they have been selling for about $200 on eBay.

Yeah, I’m leaning towards selling it.

BUT $200 (or so) seems like a drop in the bucket for a unit that cost over $800 originally. Also (something I didn’t mention) our church recently purchased a new Mackie Mixer so our old Tascam DM-24 is sitting idle and will likely be going up for sale. The MOTU was originally purchased to use with the Tascam and it occurs to me that I could likely pick up the Tascam for a fraction of its original cost and the two combined could form the heart of a powerful recording set-up (if I only had the room).

I dunno - could be a lost opportunity but then, I’m not at all sure I want to take on all the trouble. Fact is, I don’t need it but my ego kinda wants it.