MOTU 828 Mk. 2

Loking at replacing my M-Audio Quatro

Hello all:
I’m new to the board but have been recording with N-Track for about a year. My current rig is a Berhi 32x8 desk, with an M-Audio Quatro as the Audio Interface, running on a Compaq Win XP Lapper. All this seems to work great so far (low noise, high reliability, except for the occational driver issues) but 4 ins is not enough. I could use five today, and with the current direction my project is going, up seven within the month!!!

The MOTU 828 mk2 looks like the solution…is anyone using one? Any issues I need to be aware of? Any PC issues with going to 8 ins live?

Thanks in advance,

I use one and it works beautifully.
It actually has 10 analog inputs plus 10 digital, for a total of 20 IN’s.
My only recommendation is that you make certain to get a FireWire controller that uses the Texas Instruments chip.
Also there have been a few issues with the supplied FireWire cable, that comes with some of the MOTU’s, as being defective. Fortunately mine wasn’t one of them. :)
If you are to purchase one and it doesn’t seem to be recognized or any other errors, try a different FireWire cable first.
Any specific info you would like to know about the unit, I’d be happy to help.


Thanks for the reply.
I’m about 98% sure that I’m going this direction.
What kind of PC wre you using?
The current machine we are using is a
1.2 G Pentium 3
with 256 Mb of RAM (we plan to upgrade to 512)
running XP Home (Service Pack 2…Yikes).

Also we have had to do some interesting file management to be sure it works, but we have been recording onto an external firewire 200 Gig hard drive…think we can daisy chain this off the MOTU?


My main recording computer is a home-built P4 3.0E on an Abit IC7-G Max2 w/1gig DDR400 RAM.
I also use a HP Pavilion zu1175 laptop (PIII 700MHz 512megs RAM) for some remote location stuff (tracking only).
With the laptop I use a PCMCIA FireWire adapter, due to no built in FW and I do daisy chain a Western Digital FW drive off of the MOTU. If at all possible, you are better off using a separate FW controller for the drive but I have success with my configuration. However, both of those computers are tweaked for DAW use only.
Both computers use XP Home SP1.
There have been issues reported with SP2 and MOTU’s, but there is apparently a fix.



I took the plunge and picked it up today!!!
Took about 2-3 hours of noodleing (ASIO Driver Stuff Mostly),
but I have the box up and running 8 in live and analogs out for playback / mixdown purposes…

So far no major issues!!! We took it for a test fly doing some classical acoustic and jazz guitar stuff with vocals tonight.

I will keep you appraised,

Thanks again,


Glad to hear you are up and running with no major issues.
Once you get yourself more familiarized with the unit, I believe you will as pleased as I am with mine.

Yea the ADAT interface had me confused (“Where the F*** did all these inputs come from?!?”) for a minute but then we got it sorted. So far so good.

I bought mine with the Behringer ADA8000 for the 8 preamps via light pipe. I really like the MOTU , and it works out well for me.

Ok guys, tommorow night is the big test…I’ve got another band comming in to record five songs live. I think we have all the bugs worked out so I’ll let you know how it goes.