MOTU 828mkII: need tips on output monitor routing

Hey ntrack/MOTO 828mkII users:

I know there are many of you here.

I just recently got an 828mkII, and I’ve been putzing around with it, trying to make it work in my studio. I’ve successfully got 10 nice analog signals coming in via the MOTU, and a nice clean stereo master signal going out from N/computer to my studio mons via the MOTU.

However, I’d like to send a separate output mix as a headphone monitor mix. E.G. for the singer in the booth to hear in their cans. This mix needs to include the master mix from the computer plus whatever is coming into the MOTU inputs - i.e. the singer’s own vocal. I want to be able to adjust the relative level of the vocal signal against the level of the main mix that I’m sending. I don’t want to have to adjust my main mix to be the same as what the singer is hearing.

Previously I did this separate routing via my hardware mixer. I was kinda hoping the MOTU would take care of all of this, since it has all these outputs. But, using the cueMix interface, it doesn’t seem to be possible to include the main output mix (from computer/N) in the list of channels being sent to a given output channel pair.

I also can’t seem to make the dedicated headphone output work in this way either.

Has anybody else found a way to route the main signal from computer/N back thru the MOTU into one of the 4 bus channels available on the cueMix interface ?

I hope this makes sense. Any info greatly appreciated.

Hi ky…

It has been a while since I messed around with a MOTU. I installed a 24i/o at the church is use to attend. What you want to do should be possible with CueMix. I just can’t picture the CueMix layout in my mind at the moment. It is a very powerful routing app;ication so I can’t imagine it NOT being possible.

Let me do some web snooping… In the meantime maybe some current MOTU owners will pop in here.


PS THIS is great source of info for all things MOTU…

Use the S/PDIF I/O and CueMix.
Patch the S/PDIF out to the S/PDIF in on the 828 and set nTrack to use the S/PDIF out for the Master output.
Now the computers output will be available (and independently adjustable) on all 4 mix buses. Make sure to pan the S/PDIF channels accordingly in CueMix. :;):