Moving Audio Clips on the timeline

Setting the resolution of snap to grid

I have been using v4 of n-track for about half a year and I really love the program. I record all my audio data on a dedicated hardware DAW and have been editing the files on the hardware DAW as well. Although the editing process is tedious using the jog wheel and numeric values I have been able to accurately move the files by thousands of a second which generally allows accurate placement. Once I have edited all the tracks I move the files over to n-track for final mixing and polishing. I just recently starting experimenting with moving the track data in n-track but I have run into a problem with setting the resolution of snap to grid so that I can position the data file to line up with other tracks. I use the magnify function to zoom in on the time line and enable the snap to grid function. I have tried different setting for the snap to grid resolution and when I use the move tool the file snaps to a location that just off a bit. By fooling around with the zoom level and grid resolution I can achieve the desired result. I am aware that the the offset is displayed on the lower menu bar but as I mentioned earlier I can’t seem to find a setting that displays the offset in say thousands of a second.

If anyone has some tips regarding this issue I would greatly appreciate it.


If I’m trying to line up a wav with the rest of the song I turn OFF snap to grid and then just zoom in a lot so a mouse movement results in small movements in time and manually put it where i want through a bit of trial and error.

If I need to nudge it a smdigen I manually enter in an offset value to move it either left or right.

Snap to grid is useful more when you want ot copy and paste whole measures or beats and make sure you copy a whole bar or number of beats and then make sure you paste them back onto the start of the beat.

That’s my method anyway…

Hi Rich,

Thanks for the tip. I give it a try. I’ve been thinking about my process and since I am only importing .wav files the program has no midi sequence data to establish some sort of timing resolution per measure. When I edit audio data on my hardware DAW it is always sync’d to the midi drum sequence data which establishes the resolution per measure. The snap to grid function in n-track probably relies on the same thing but I am not giving it that data hence the resolution issue.