Moving midi notes

Is there a way to move all the notes in a piano role all at once?


Which direction? To slide them earlier or later in time (not change the note values) you can simply drag them in the timeline - not in the piano roll - just like sliding a wave (V4.1).

I think you have to zoom out to select all, then zoom in far enough to click and drag the whole bunch when in the piano roll.

There’s probably a better way. :)

You can also drag the selected notes sideways in the piano roll.

Also in the piano roll if you select some or all of the notes and then right click on one of them and go to Properties you can transpose the selected notes up or down as many semitones as you wish.

This is handy for doing drum parts where you want to change all tambourines to shakers or whatever and you can can select all instance of a particular note (or notes) by clicking on the note on the picture of the piano keyboard on the left.