moving parts from track to another track

moving part keeping starting time

I wanted to move a part to another track, keeping the same starting time. Is there a way? (like pressing Ctrl and moving, etc.) I tried a couple of ways with no success

Which V# are you using?

I think this will do what you want:
mark (highlight) the section you want to move. - I usually mark a slightly larger section so I can adjust fades etc.
Cut the selection with the edit > cut or Edit > copy depending on what you want to accomplish
Deselect the part.
Move to the new track ( I think you can just do a paste and it will create a track depending on what version of N you are using)
Edit > paste.
I hope this works.

There are special tools to do this with in n-track. Place the cursor on the time line exactly where you want and slice, then you can drag and drop onto another track, and select, “Place part at cursor.” These options are found when you right click. If you require more information I’ll provide more detail. Some other options in this area, “Place cursor at beginning of part” or end of part. You’ll find these options very useful when moving takes or parts to other tracks and want to keep there position in the time line exactly so as not to accidentally position them out of time.

Hope this helps