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ntrk forum access

Does anyone have any suggestions as to why the n-track forum login does not work when using Firefox? I know that I have run into this issue before so I ditched Firefox and continued to use IE.

The only reason I switch today was because IE and where not getting along due to some Java script issue or so I was told by my ISP.


What version are you using ?

I’m on 1.5 and its been working since .9 for me …

Your FF does accept cookies ?

Does it give an error ?

uses firefox with no probs ever getting in to forum or anywhere else,1.5 here,

I am using FF 1.5 to type this message…

Sounds like you’ve got a problem at the hardware/wetware interface level.

Seriously… check to make sure you’ve got cookies turned on (and that you’re not blocking cookies to this site!).

Also try opening the forum topics in their own frame (without the button bar frame that is normally on the left side of the screen). You can do this by using the middle mouse button to click on the link - the forum should open in a new tab.



I tried Firefox a while ago (can’t remember the build) but I had problems with file-types (it opened mp3’s as html pages!) and also the ntrack forum login problem.
I now use Avant Browser and am very happy :)


Thanks for the replies. I’ve reviewed the cookie set-up, I reviewed the docs but still not luck. It must be flag set somewhere that’s causing my grief but Beefy Steve indicated he’s seen the same. It’s the only login that’s causing me any grief??????

I’ll have to keep poking around until I find the answer as I defineately favour FF over IE from what I have found by using the program today.

Thanks for your help…


As you pointed out it was a problem with a flag that I had set regarding cookies.

Fire Fox is now working just fine.

Thanks all for you help.


Ahh… the warm fuzzy feeling of having yet another happy member of our collective.