MP3 Hosting?

What do you guys use?

Just wondering…how do you guys upload your mp3s to the internet? Do you have your own servers or are there sites you use? I want to upload some songs for you all to critique, but i cant find a place.

Lotta guys using,
around here. But there’s tons of others. give’s you 20Mb of free space, enough for say 4-5 songs.
But sites like,, are geared more towards listing your songs on charts. Some of these types of sites don’t allow you to hyperlink. So people have to leave the site you post your song on and come to your site to listen to the songs.
There’s just so many out there, I think you have to ask yourself, “What do I want to use the site for?”.
If you just need a place to store files, but don’t neccesarily want to share them with the rest of the world. I’d choose one like, These site’s are ideal for 4-5 of songs and you can make a fancy front page with there free web builders. And you would be able to hyperlink your songs only to sites you want to share them with, but can keep them private if you should so desire. :;):
However, if shameless self promotion, and radio play, is all your looking for, I’d go with one of the more, “chart orientated” sites, take your pick there’s million of those to choose from!

Hope to here your stuff soon,

keep shinin’

jerm is good…those guys are always on top of things and the site is never down like soundclick’s. is cool too. Its run by one of the guys who worked for He also plays his best charting artists on his podcast radio show which has helped me in particular gain a larger fanbase. Fatmember has a cooler look though. :D

Motagator Music
After you register, let me know if you want you site hidden from the public pages, and I’ll fix it up.

Hey thanks alot guys…ill try some of those and see what works out the best.

If you want cheap webhosting with plenty of bandwith i recomend Lots of bandwidth and space for cheap. Plu it will install scripts for you via their control panel (such as photo gallery script, blog scripts, bulletin boards (like phpBB) etc). Well worth the money. The allow unlimited addon domains, so you can host multiple domains (i’ve got 3 pointing to my account right now for different sites).

And for domain names (you need one to get an account) I recomend