Mp3 to wave file conversion

Whats the best method ?

I have some mp3 files I want to convert to wave. Any suggestions would be appreciated.Thanks

Found a DL on harmony central

Not completely free but well worth it: dBPowerAmp Music Converter. Actually it was free, but the folks who own MP3 technology are now demanding to be paid. And it’s free and fully functional for 30 days.

Right click to convert between any two supported formats. You can even do it in a file browser window from any application, like when loading a file into a program and it’s the wrong format: just right click to convert it without having to hunt for the folder first.

CDEX is a free app that will convert it as well.

Dave T2

Cheetah convertor ( as recommended by Bill - woxnerw).

Jeff - it’s possible to find old versions of dBPowerAmp with the MP3 encoding in for free. That’s what I use.

Yes, 10.1 is the latest I know of where MP3 is still free. The download file says it’s free to distribute, but this is a case where I stick to the spirit rather than the letter, so I don’t make this file available to others. I don’t have any beef with those who do, though.

I could not find dp power for free.Downloaded cdex which works well. Free always seems to come at a price like my ‘real player’ with Gain publishing popups. The one off of harmony central was a 30 day trial also. It is not something I will be using alot.I had some jam trax cd’s I wanted to fool around with . As usual this forum is a wealth of info.Thanks

A quick google (since when did “google” become a verb?) revealed Version 9a here

…I got bored after that…



Thanks for the link to version 9a. Very easy to use.

dBPowerAmp is as good as a free lunch. No popups or hidden fees or anything, if you get a version before MP3 guys demanded payment. It’s well worth the measly $14 cost in any case. I’ve used this app for years and never had a problem with it – just a few suggestions, which were implemented in the next release. Furthermore, it converts faster than any converters I’ve compared it with (though I admit it does hog the CPU during conversions – might be nice to have a “low priority” option if there isn’t one already).

It ran fast on my last computer: 1.8MHz P4. I now have a 2.13GHz Centrino (M) and it seems to go several times faster (as do other audio calculations like an offline mixdown – the Centrino’s math seems to be way faster than the P4’s. Perhaps it’s the faster front side bus & disk drive, but that wouldn’t make it twice as fast). Of course, P4 MHz don’t compare directly with Centrino MHz.

I’ve been faithful to using Goldwave for over 10 years now
(for free I may add although I really should pay for it as much as I’ve used it). This program is rock solid and has never let me down. You can download a “restricted” shareware copy from their official site here:

It’ll restrict you on advanced editing features but for just basic cut, copy, paste and any type of file conversion, it’ll do it with no restrictions for eternity. It’s quick, easy and it’s not complex to get something simple done. It’ll do deep editing stuff too but I use n-track for that…and you can batch convert mp3 files from .wav with no restrictions on bitrates via open source LAME encoding (which is the best IMHO).

Hi Guys:
I have a purchased version of GoldWave that I bought at the same time as n-Track… But Don Gaynor posted a link to here

this utility works great for converting one-format-to-another…

Thanks Don Gaynor… :O :;):