Multiple inputs to multiple tracks

new tascam 1800 all tracks going to one

so, i gave up on my layla 20. it seemed to register on the vu’s but the playback was constantly digital garble. So, i cobbled together some cash for a used tascam 1800. Now, trying to get this to work… The vu’s are all showing solid input from channels and i assign each input to a specified track 1, 2, 3 etc. (only doing 3 tracks for simplicity). However, when I play back, only track 1 is playing back. And, I think, only track 1 recorded. If I eliminate track 1 (in recording), i can hear the other 2 tracks, but very quiet. What am I missing here…? The 3 tracks all show up on the playback mixer, but only track 1 has volume. I am using the tascam 1800 wdm drivers. Win xp computer. please help…


What is the output assignment of tracks 2 and 3? Note that tracks have separate input and output assignments, i.e. to record 3 separate tracks you need to set each track to record from a different input, but the 3 tracks can use the same output. In the default configuration the input is set in the popup menu that appears clicking on the small rec button on the left side of the track, while the output is set clicking in the output selection button which always shows the name of the output channel.
From your description it would seem that tracks 2 and 3 are being sent to a physical output channel which you’re not listening to, i.e. is not connected to a speaker or headphone.



Thanks for the reply. Each of the 3 track inputs were set to ‘record new track’. So 1-left, 1-right, and 2-left (all other tracks were disabled). It did not allow me to specify where to send the newly recorded tracks - only ‘record to new track’. I started by create ‘new’ project, then try to record…

So, now there are some really weird things happening - Ntrack is abruptly crashing whenever I try to do anything. The only drivers that show all 16 inputs for the tascam 1800 are the ‘wdm tascam’ drivers supplied with the unit. There are also some tascam mme drivers but they only show as two inputs. I don’t understand why they were working to some degree, and now no matter what I do, Ntrack immediately crashes. My recording computer is not near an internet connection, so it is not able to send out the error messages. Not sure how to proceed…? I was hoping to review your notes with what I was had done last night, but am not able to proceed. Thoughts?

Is there a wave form display on all of the tracks you attempted to record?
Have you selected “set all audio inputs to record to new tracks” in the recording VU menu? (left click on the recording button at the bottom of the recording VU meter)
What is the Tascam console showing? is it showing activity on all the tracks?

Thanks Bax. Yes, I had the 3 audio inputs “record to new tracks” and the vu activity was showing on all 3 tracks. Once recorded, the wave form display is hard to see - all just appear as a line, I have great difficulty navigating the different consoles. When I play it back only track 1 has volume.

But now, I can’t do anything - Ntrack crashes immediately. I don’t know why it was partially working last night and now not at all… very strange.

If the wave forms on the other two tracks is hard to see, chances are that it is not being recorded properly. What happens if you try to normalize one of those tracks? Does the volume come up?
Can you record stereo on on track using channels 1 and 2?

Bax, I can not do anything with the program, as it keeps crashing. I have restarted the computer, downloaded the latest drivers from tascam, and rebooted again. Ntrack keeps crashing as soon as I click on any of the tracks. Not sure what to do, this is not good…

Will N-track run if the Tascam is not plugged it?

yes. it will run with the mme tascam drivers, but that only gives me 2 tracks in.

so, i uninstalled and re-installed n-track and have things somewhat working again. there was some weird volume coming in on 4 tracks but once i deselected the ‘live input processing’ it went away. (???) so, now when i record 4 tracks, they come in and play back correctly - though it records an additional 2 tracks that are blank…? I only have the red button selected for 1-l, 1-r, 2-l, and 2-r; all others are disabled. so, not sure where the other two are coming from? I am afraid to mess with anything as i am afraid it will stop working…

i wonder is ntrack typically compatible with a tascam us-1800 and handling multiple inputs? also, it says the tascam uses a usb 2.0 and i am not certain this computer has usb 2.0 - could that cause issues?


wow, just recorded 5 songs, 4 tracks each and everything worked! - minus still recording two extra tracks - which are easily deleted. it is very nice to have things finally all work…

really not sure what happened before, but thinking i clicked something somewhere, as when i re-installed ntrack with factory settings, that got me back on track…