Multiple instances of MIDI output instrument

Different presets on same plugin

I got out the MIDI keyboard last night and was messing about recording a few tracks in N (latest version). I wanted to have more than one instance of the MiniMogue VA plugin as the output from the MIDI tracks but each instance set to a different preset (so the different tracks trigger different sounds). But all the tracks seem to trigger the same instance of the plugin.

I’m sure I’ve done this before with StringTheory and have definitely done it with N Drums and I think I just opened the plugin from the instrument channel on the mixer strip.

Hope that makes sense. Any help gratefully received.



OK sorted it myself last night when I wasn’t so tired. I just had to go back to MIDI basics. It worked when I added each new plugin instance as a new instrument channel and then selected each of these instances in the different track properties. On Sunday I was just selecting the plugin in the properties (and not adding as a new channel). I use MIDI stuff infrequently and always have to relearn everything each time I use it. But it’s a lot of fun when I do…cheesy 80s dance tune in an hour :)

That’s strange. I loaded up a couple of instances of a plug-in
with different pre-sets, (in N_Track) and it seems I can’t monitor both pre-sets as I am recording.
So my way around this is to load up Xlutop Chainer
Load up 2 (or as many as you like) instances of a VSTI, each with a different pre-set.
(In chainer that is) Now you hear all layered instruments.
Then open 2 Midi tracks in N. Turn off LIVE.
(don’t need to select anything). Just hit record and play.
Since midi is midi - you can just add your instrument and
pre-set to N after you’ve recorded the midi data.
So chainer will let monitor your layered instruments while
you record into N.