Multiple Questions (iPad OS)

I’m new to n-Track but experienced at using other DAWs like Zenbeats, Beatmaker 3, and GarageBand on iPadOS. After a few hours in the app and on the tutorials, I’m finding n-Tracks to be mostly intuitive but there are several actions I haven’t been able to figure out. Thanks for your assistance…

REORDER PLUGINS - Let’s say I add several EFX to a track. Is there a way to reorder them without deleting and adding them back again?

USING MIDI “GENERATORS” - I often use AUv3 plugins that generate MIDI data, e.g. MidiGuitar, BramBos Rozetta. I have no problem loading a MIDI plugin in n-Track but how do I set up an instrument to receive the MIDI data as its input? Does the instrument need to be on a separate channel?

IMPORTING MANY LOOPS - I understand how to import individual loops into a project but I’d like to be able to browse and audition many different 3rd party loops as easily as auditioning the native n-Track loops. Can I create loop folders in the iPadOS file system that will be visible to n-Track and allow rapid auditioning?

Hello and welcome!

You can reorder the inserted plugins by long-pressing and dragging their names in the effects list.

To get your loops to show up in the n-Track Studio Loop Browser, you can simply add them in the app documents folder, i.e. the one that you can reach from the iOS Files app by tapping on iPad → n-Track. I suggest you create a subfolder in this location (something like “My Loops” for example) so that you can easily locate them. They will appear in the Loop Browser → My Folders → Documents location.

About the MIDI “generators” app: I’ve never used those two plugins in particular, but it’s possible that they generate MIDI events from their internal controller in a way that we don’t support yet, but that we are planning to introduce in a next release. If you use them as “instruments” and play them using the n-Track keyboard or writing notes in the pianoroll the should work fine, but I understand that for some instrument that might be suboptimal, because of the way they are inherently supposed to be played.

Hope that helps!