Multitrack Recorder That Also Inputs to n-Track?

Looking for specific hardware

Is there any type of hardware that acts a standalone multitrack recorder (like a Tascam) but can also interface with USB in such a way that one can record directly into n-Track or another DAW? I would like the option to record on a device on its own (with a PC) but will double as an interface.
Thank you,

I’m a little lost by your question: If you are asking if you can use a computer with USB and record directly into n-Track the answer is YES. That is the way any multi-track recorder that uses a USB to “hook-up” to the PC will do. I use MOTU, but there are a lot of brands that will work. Check out on line, you can get a good idea of what is available. I hope this helps. Let the forum know and someone can try to answer.