Musician Discussion Forums

Know of any good ones?

Does anybody know of any good musician discussion forums where musicians discuss ways and techniques for playing different songs? I am a guitar player, so I am mainly interested in that type of group.



How many guitarists does it take to change a lightbulb?


One to change the bulb and four to say they could do it better…


How do you quiet a guitar player?

Put sheet music in front of him…

The Riff forum is geared to the lessons but you might find lessons on a particular artist or style you like and /or a teacher who has a particular style you like. I’ve bought some of the lesson cds at times and they’re pretty good as far as it goes. I figure $10 for a good lick is worth the 100’s of free licks I don’t want!

Why don’t you ask here and start the ball rolling and let’s see what happens…It seems there are alot of guitar players right here. There is even a Dr. here!


Harmony Central

You’ll find quite a variety of forums there, ranging from the serious to the absurd…

This is sort of cheesy for you all…but here is the story. A looooooonnnnngggg time ago I played in a band. I moved away and sort of put down my guitar for a long time…until about three years ago.

I always go back home for a summer vacation. About three years ago we (the old band) were sitting around talking about getting back together and playing for a few friends on my next year’s vacation. We compiled a play list and CD’s of the songs on the list and all went our separate ways and practiced the songs. The following year we rented a rehearsal hall, borrowed a bunch of equipment, practiced for a week and topped it off playing at a local bar with max capacity of 100. 350 ‘friends’ showed up and it was fantastic. Now this has become an ‘annual’ event.

Last time I was taken by surprise, this time I want to do some blowing away…

I would like to know if anyone here plays any of the old 60’s rock music, how they get the sounds, what chords they use, etc.
Hendrix…sounds, chords?
Mitch Ryder
Deep Purple
That sort of stuff…

To get the discussion going, if anyone cares to join in, I am disappointed in the general sound of my strat playing Cream-Strange Brew, Hendrix-Fire. And I need the main chord for Sookie, Sookie-Steppenwolf. Most of the beatles’ stuff sounds sort of elementary now (George didn’t do Kick-ass) and I would like to pick it up a little. In other songs like Dirty Water, I do this by adding some ninths here and there…

I use a strat and a Digitech RP 50 FX pedal. Only a small crate amp that I don’t use, I practice through a headset.

Thanks for reading …


No…we don’t resemble the Stones


To get the discussion going, if anyone cares to join in, I am disappointed in the general sound of my strat playing Cream-Strange Brew,…

Well, first of all Clapton isn’t playing a strat then…he played gibsons starting with Les Pauls (which he put on the map), SG Les Pauls, a Firebird and an ES -335.

His amp then was Marshall. His tone also came from a Vox Wah which he ran about 3/4’s.

I would say that your RP-50 might not get it for you. The strat probably isn’t the problem except for recording where you might notice a lot of noise from the single coils. Position 2 & 4 are quieter (2 is where Clapton usually lives).

If you can’t find the tone in the RP there is a good deal on Boss GT-6’s now that the 8 has come out. You can pick one up on Ebay for around $200 (that’s half of what I bought a new one for last year). I highly recommend the GT-6 and Gt-8 and in Digitech the GNX 3000 is a good pedal. The low end pedals just don’t do well on the clean to smooth distortion sounds. For me they have good “rough” sounds but leave the clean end lacking.


well, i have the Vox wah…but hardly ever use it…might give it a try. I have an Ibanez LP knock off but dont play it all that much…
i know everyone back in the 60’s played the LP…
guess i’ll just have to work with what i have…its ok, but could be better

The Fender forum is pretty good and this one is okay, except for the occasional pop-up or two:


Wow, got caught up in Beatle tabs for about an hour. Thanks for the link there Ksdb :D

Footnote, alot of ‘wrong’ tabs also! :(