My Actual Membership Date

What shows is really not correct

It really should show that I’ve been a member since 2004 as I joined when N-track was around 3.0 something. I laid out for a few years after it was updated to the 4.0s, which I still have on my computer, but somehow, my original log-in name got lost and I had to start all over. I too have been working with this program for a long time, and have learned a lot about recording using it. If there is someway Flavio could change this, I would greatly appreciate it.

Is this the right forum for this?

Unusual request :) Done. It might have been changed after we rebuilt the forum database after an hacker attack.


yep, the famous crash. :laugh:

ya, while you are at it I would like mine changed to 1998 when I first joined and bought Ntrack 2. :agree:

it’s like a regular crusty crab towers around here,

we never deny a guest even the most ridiculous request… :laugh:

Don’t feel bad. I have used n-track and been lurking since before I bought my house in '01. Of course according to my profile, I am only 2 years old. :laugh: