My Album release date is on schedule.

Hi all,

Album release date of May 15th is on schedule. The album art work, or should I say the cd, the cd cover and back cover I wanted and asked for people to send me pictures, giving folks a chance to be part of the production and it’s process including adding their name to the credits on the back cover. I had one basic rule, it had to be on a white background, other than that it was open season. That being said, no one entered anything despite posting here, my band FB page and my home forum page at n-Track Studio forums where I’m a forum administrator. So I did the art work myself, no harm no foul, like I’ve always done before. I originally had myself pose with 2 .44 magnums in a shoulder harness under each arm with a tattoo of "The George Stanley Band " tattooed across my neck where the image shows only from the waste up to the guns and my neck only. Blazed across my t-shirt was the words “Section 8”. For some reason and given the fact, my theme and subject material just didn’t seem to fit this bad guy, wise guy man, (for lack of better term) sort of approach, I thought it would look cool but it didn’t and it bothered me, it just didn’t fit the bill so to speak, so much so, I felt increasingly desperate to change it. I was stuck, didn’t know what I was going to do. Then out of the blue, I had the CD cover actually appear in a dream. And it’s perfect, even fits the criteria I originally set out for folks to take part in. The white back ground. I finished it earlier today and It’s perfect. Sorry for the long speech but I thought it might be interesting for some. Drop by on Friday, I’ll have the images posted here and on my band page.


Hi all, again,

The theme of the album. About 6 years ago after my 2nd album was released, I was doing everything from hard rock to love songs to blues all on one album. A friend suggested I have a theme and try to follow that instead of being all over the place. I agreed it was a good idea and ever since then I follow a theme based protocol with my albums.
This years album, my 7th, is themed based on an experience a friend of mine had in which he was sent to a psychiatric ward for being, get this, slightly intoxicated, word is he got screwed by the RC’s but nevertheless, I got the call from him to “get me the “F” out of here” as he was released within 5 minutes of someone with authority arriving on the unit, so I was told. The other parts are from personal experiences as a youth. It was a great theme and I was very much inspired as his experience and my own experiences, although very much different, had some elegant commonality to which only life experiences can only produce. Hence the name of the album “Section 8” which basically means , “your trapped.” Thanks for listening,