My band's new song, Straight Jacket!

high school band’s new single

Hey! Our band just came out with a new cd, and this is a new song from it! Its called, Straight Jacket, go to this page and download it, its the first one. Feedback is greatly appreciated…thanks.

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anybody feel like giving it a listen? Id like some feedback…just to see if im recording it right and how the song sounds.


Got any where else to host it? Gotta become a member there…

Ok, I signed up, downloaded, and had a listen. I’d be interested to know how you recorded it, but anyway:

- I think some careful eq is needed here. The muted guitar on the left could probably use a reduction/rolloff/highpass under 125hz. Rolling off/cutting the snare in a few places wouldn’t hurt either. Try rolling off under 150 and maybe a narrow notch at 400 or so. Overall the guitars are a bit “honky” for my taste - I’d have a good listen to the midrange, especially with the keys panned very similarly to the guitar in the left - I’d be eqing and panning them to give them both space (around 600-800… maybe).
- Personal taste - more kick, and define the bass guitar a bit more. Work these together, consider them to almost be one instrument, listen to the kick while moving a narrow cut around the bass. You’ll find a spot where the bass won’t sound any less full, but all of a sudden the kick will be nice and solid. A small, small boost for the kick around 100-125 will help here.

Actually, I’ve just pulled it into Ozone and had a listen to a few bands seperately. You’ve got bugger all useful stuff under 200hz, but there’s heaps of energy there. I’d certainly look at highpassing the guitars and working the kick and bass (not necessarily boosting it) to get it more defined.

Have a listen to the vocals and experiement with some compression and reverb. Sounds like he might be moving to and from the mic, so some sort of pop filter to keep his distance to a constant minimum is going to help.

I’m no pro, but this is how I look at my mixes:
- The bottom end is devoted to kick and bass. Everything else sits on top of this so it has to be solid. The snare is brought in to create the rest of the rythym, rolling off to keep out of the kick’s area and the basses fundamentals. I like a high shelf boost on kick and snare around the 1k-3k area and up for snap.
- The vocals are generally above this, and go through the whole song sonically and the guitars will work to either side, just eq’d to work with the bass to meld in while keeping the bass seperate. Unity, yet seperate and defined. I tend to have a small 3k boost, and a subtle rolloff at 5-7k for guitars. Bass I’ll roll off above 3k, that’s the guitars’ area, maybe boost at 800. Different eq on the guitars will help keep seperation. Doesn’t have to be drastic, say small boosts at 2k for one, 3k for the other.
- Cymbals and the like are the high end of things. You’d be surprised how much you can roll off without affecting the basic tone.

I think that’s the key - roll off as much bass (using a highpass or a shelf filter, as you can on everything, untill it adversely affects the sound, and then roll back in a touch.

As far as the song, I like the arrangement especially thr 2.45 mark where everything starts going together. And for some reason I just can’t get my head around, it has a real 80’s vibe . :D

Hope that helps, suck it and see. My suggestions might or might not work, but maybe they’ll help you to find what does even if it’s completely unrelated.


nice tune… not a lot of definition between the different instruments, but still as good as most of the stuff out there today. since i am only a home newbie myself, there is not a lot i can say to help you. but i liked your stuff. my style is a little more laid back (google “combo rockers” for a taste) but i like all sorts from pantera to bach. keep on jammin…