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can this program help?

Hi. I would like to purchase this product for the following reason and would like to know if this product would be helpful. I’ve been recording comedy / spoken word demos with an Olympus handheld digital recorder and then using iTunes to convert the files to mp3s. The sound levels are very high and not easy on the ears. I am wondering if I could smooth out these recordings with this program and adjust sound levels for a better end product. I’d like to give my demos a more “live” feel and not have them sound so harsh.

Chris - whilst you could use n-track for some of what you want, I think what you really need is a wave editor. Ones that are often mentioned on this forum are Cooledit and Goldwave, but there are plenty of others around. These would allow to to “top and tail” your stereo recordings, normalise levels and process with effects (compression etc). Once you have the wav file exactly as you want it, you could use a program such as dbpoweramp to convert from wav to mp3.

n-track really comes into its own when multi-tracking, overdubbing, mixing, etc. which if I understand correctly you don’t need to do.

Hope this makes sense

I sort of agree with John and sort of disagree.

The nice thing about doing what chrisfrancz is asking in N-track is the ability to use compression more easily - to get the peaks in order and make the speaking more easy to listen to.

Also - a small amount of ambient reverb might make the whole thing sound a little more natural.

Also, because n-track works non-destructively, the performance can be edited, tweaked, compressed etc without affecting the original file.

And,… I guess you could even mix in canned laughter etc if appropriate.

N-track isn’t that great with MP3 but it can be done. I’d probably reach for another DAW software with a name that begins with “R” and rhymes with “sleeper” but that’s a personal preference.


Thanks for answering my questions. I really appreciate it.

Hi chrisfrancz:
Everything you want to do with the audio files you have is able to be edited with-in n-Track… N-Track is now compliant and can import mp3 files as well as a number of other audio compressions/extensions… So, if your audio files are .wav or mp3 files, or whatever, I don’t see why you’d have to use another multi-track editor to process this audio file…


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Thanks for answering my questions. I really appreciate it.

Feel free to come back and ask any questions. There's lots of knowledgeable folks and friendly folks here..... and then there's Bill (wox) who is both!

I sort of agree with XonXoff and also…sort of agree with him, too. :D Most of us use n-Track as a wave editor as well as a multi tracker/sequencer.